December 18, 2017

Generation Y: Redefining Fun & Leaving The Comforts Of The Couch

Millennials have transformed the way people go out because the struggle to leave the house to eat, shop or physically socialize is unconsciously real. What does that mean exactly? Well, now in a society driven by social media and instant gratification, millennials need way more stimulation than in previous decades to get out of their house. People now crave a shareable experience which incorporates a convenient and valuable balance of food, drinks, and entertainment. This has created a new style of retail amusement incorporating the Dave and Busters style of alcohol, food, games, but even more “bourgeois” with top chefs designing menus and mixologist crafted beverages, PERFECT for sharing on Instagram. What does this mean for food and retail companies? Read this QSR article for more on the subject.

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